PixieCon 13

Panel discussion

We are proud to announce that PixieCon 13 will play host to a number of prominent international and Maltese guests from the game development industry. These will be sharing their perspectives on "The State of the Digital Games Industry."

Guest speakers

Ms Kate Edwards Ms Kate Edwards
Executive Director, International Game Developers Association
Visit the IGDA website

Kate Edwards is the Executive Director of the International Game Developers Association (IGDA), appointed in December 2012. She is also the founder and principal consultant of Englobe, a Seattle-based consultancy for content culturalisation, and a unique hybrid of an applied geographer... Read more
Mr Andy Touch Mr Andy Touch
Product Evangelist, Unity Technologies
Visit the Unity Technologies website

Since he added physics to a cube and watched it bounce, Andy has been interested in experimenting and playing around with gaming technology. Having specialised in Unity at university, and then going on to teach the engine to higher education students, he is now part of the... Read more
Dr Alexiei Dingli Dr Alexiei Dingli
Senior Lecturer, Faculty of ICT, University of Malta
Visit the Faculty of ICT website

Dr Dingli is a Senior Lecturer of Artificial Intelligence within the Faculty of ICT at the University of Malta. He is also one of the founder members of the ACM student chapter in Malta, founder member of the Web Science Research, founder member of the International Game Developers... Read more
Mr Nikolai SammutMr Nikolai Sammut
General Manager, Institute of Computer Education Malta
Visit the ICE Malta website

BS.C (Hons.) graduate and director of studies at the Institute of Computer Education, Malta, Nikolai Sammut has a passion for website development, cutting edge design, UI/UX, and finds great satisfaction in sharing knowledge, inspiring creativity and encouraging students to excel and... Read more
Neil Baldacchino Mr Neil Baldacchino
President, ICT Student Association, University of Malta
Visit the ICTSA website

Neil Baldacchino is a Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence student at the University of Malta, currently on a research internship at Oxford University in the UK. He is the president of the ICT faculty student association (ICTSA) and is involved in the IEEE local student branch. He has also had... Read more

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